Online games have become a popular past time for most people. Although it is assumed that young people are the ones having the interest in this, adults and older ones have grown an intense passion for these games too. It has advantages of being a good educational tool or as leisure from the busyness in life. However, the misuse and mismanagement of it will affect the health of the player in a negative way.

How one ineffectively use online games until it cause detriments to the health? It is not so much of the games that are the main cause but much more of how an individual manages it. When one gives too much attention on it to sbobet the extent of ignoring other duties and responsibilities in life, it shows there is the problem of addiction. When this happens, a person’s health will turn to worse. Imagine a person who always stick right in front of the computer and sit there giving it all the focus he or she could give. There is lack of exercise and moving about for the body. Surely this is something negative for an individual’s well being in the long run. Problems like overweight will ensued. Apart from that, there are individuals who would not eat their meals or even skip it altogether, just to play these games. This surely will lead to bad issues for the physical body such as gastric or other health-related problems. The addiction is also highly causing lack of rest and irregular sleeps when one is too obsessed with playing.

A person who continuously plays online games until it takes over the other important tasks and routines in his or her life, his or her emotional health will also be badly affected. While an individual is giving most attention to these things, he or she will have less time spent with other people in the family or in the outside world. The lack of interaction and good communication with others is not a healthy matter for one’s well being. Emotionally, one’s personal growth is stunted as there is no other interest to pursue. Moreover some games are violent in nature and one’s mind is being badly influenced by it especially for those who are still young.

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